Daily routines.



Walking around the city can lead to beautiful places,but not only the places are interesting for me also the beautiful plants and flowers you have never apreciate in your daily walks. Sometimes you need to take your time and look at the things to get inspiration from them.   The picture you might see here is not spectular but for me in that day, in that moment….. it was special.

it kinda sounds strange but it is always in the eye of the observer.

#discovery #adventure



sometimes you have the feeling that anything you do is … let’s just say crap.

you make hundred of mistakes and you feel like a mug with a crack on the bottom and every good idea in your mind, any ambitous move you make will  flow out… 

Life can be disappointing, sad and confusing. 

so how could you deal with this part in your life?

Either you smash your head against a wall because you think it doesn’t even matter because there is  no more useful decision making possible

or you get up and do something you want and love in life.

Just trying to stand up again!

Be sponteneous.


two souls.one face.

sometimes you’re struggling on making decisions.

sometimes it will be harder to decide

and sometimes you will choose the wrong way.

But life can be disapointing and you will find ways out of it.

there are two minds in your body who will allways argue against each other.









catching a picture.

I allways see a picture in my mind.

I want to find out how I can realise these pictures.

Which colour do i need?

What techniques I’m gonna use?

I see myself drawing, painting it in my mind.

But in reality it never turns out like the picture in my head.

Although I pictured the way I have to do it. I just can’t…

Turns out the picture in my mind I will never catch.


Butterfly went grey

Sometimes life feels like a grey screen.

You are watching yourself apart from your body.

Just in the moment you step in, the colours are painting the sky.